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new album "st. augustine" available now

about emily and jake

"It hit us in an instant / Hard like a driving rain / Time turned lamb to lion" first words of the duo's debut album st. augustine. The album spins a harmonic story that nourishes the intimate workings of the restless mind. Their songs seek sweet simplicity and candor in both melody and lyrics. They capture an essentially fleeting feeling of hope. Through their songwriting, the duo explores the pain of loss and the faith in the sunrise of tomorrow. Their melancholy songwriting juxtaposes the lighthearted arrangement present in their album creating the perfect balance between wistful regret and rosy promise.


Formed between Boston and Portland ME, Emily and Jake create gracefully warm music with effortless harmonizing, easy melodicism, and raw honesty. "Beautifully simple and understated" - For the Love of Bands. Their debut album, st. augustinedelivers a mellifluous amalgam of Mumford and Sons and Fleetwood Mac.